African Butterfly Database

About Us

ABDB was created by a small team of enthusiastic professional and amateur lepidopterists: Szabolcs Sáfián, Bernadett Kormos and our IT programmer friend Attila Siklósi. Our work was supported by Steve Collins of African Butterfly Research Institute (ABRI) right from the beginning and soon, Steve became our partner, helping us with his experience and full access to the ABRI, which hosts the largest collection of African butterflies on the continent. We started developing ABDB step by step and we hope we will soon reach the critical mass of information uploaded that our database will become the ultimate source of information on Afro-tropical butterflies. Our future plan is to integrate all available information into ABDB, including identification guides, information on the biology and habitats and accurate distribution maps of all African butterfly species, to illustrate voucher specimens as well as nature photographs of all stages and even DNA information for free as a fully open-access.    
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