African Butterfly Database

Sáfián Szabolcs


[{"affiliation_name":"African Butterfly Research Institute (ABRI), Nairobi","affiliation_title":"research associate"},{"affiliation_name":"University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Silviculture and Forest Protection","affiliation_title":"phd candidate"}]





I started chasing butterflies and moths when I was only 2. This play, later hobby grew into profession, and the understading of ecology of lepidoptera and the recognition of disappearence of natural habitats turned me more towards coservation of butterfly and moth population beside research. I first visited the African continent in 2001 and since, I worked in many West African countries and recently I started broadening my knowledge in Eastern and Central Africa. With our colleagues, we established ABDB to allow free access by everybody in need to information about African butterflies. I aim to learn as much about African butterflies as possible during a human's lifetime and also present this knowledge and experience to the future generations, who will hopefully be able to protect butterfly populations more effectively.




[{"title":"Lepidoptera Diversity in the Kaweri Coffee Plantation","description":"","subject":"","coverage_spatial":"Central Uganda","coverage_temporal":"2015-","creator":"Kaweri Coffee Plantation","web_url":""}]