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Papilio zalmoxis Hewitson, 1864


 Family: Papilionidae
 Subfamily: Papilioninae
 Tribus: Papilionini

Type locality:


 Angola; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Congo; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Gabon; Ghana; Guinea; Ivory Coast; Liberia; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; South Sudan; Togo; Uganda;

Biogeographical class

Guineo-Congolian forest species

Ecological class

Wet forest species

Conservation status


Among the largest butterflies in Africa. Wingspan: 150-180 mm  The male's upperside is light metallic blue or greeneshi blue with black apex, costa and veins on the forewing and a broad black margin on the hindwing. The veins are black also on the hinding. A row of light blue twin-spots along the hindwing margin is also present. The abdominal fold is whitish. The central part of the forewing underside is whitish, the apical part is brown. The hindwing is rosty-brown with a whitish patch in and around the cell. A narrow black margin and the row of marginal spots are present also on the hindwing. The head and thorax are white-spotted black, the abdomen is bright yellow with black markings. Females are similar-looking, might be slightly smaller and paler in colour.

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